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Blue Anarchy

Doorstopper has been V-much enjoying Moxie Marlinspikes digital content as of late. Firstly Hold Fast Is a super little film about the application of the CrimethInc, squatters mentality to sailing! Theres also some pretty cool software kicking around like http://www.googlesharing.net/ Hiding your searches from google, Nice. Moxie has also posted up some pretty fun stories from hitch hiking and stuff on the site too like this.

Cheery Pip fellow Internerds!


Anarchist pub crawl in Whitechapel


“Beginning with the sepia faded images of boxers hanging on the walls of the Salmon & Ball (5pm), the former meeting place of Mosley’s fascists, where outside gallows once executed rioting Weavers. Along the market of Bethnal Green Road, pass original Pie and Mash shops, where the 43 Group began their fight back against anti-semitism, into the Marquis Of Cornwallis (6pm). Up St. Matthews Row seeing the Krays final resting place, old faded British Movement graffiti still visible on the school walls, rotting memories reminding us of the scars of the past. Fast forward into the future, into Cheshire Street, the number one place to buy your Dr. Martens, while the invading gentrification glares at us like the growing gap between rich and poor. Sifting our way through the trendies of Brick Lane, the sound of former sweatshops, Huguenots in Banglatown, the National Front being physically defeated by anti-fascists in the 1970’s. Down Heneage Street, villians garrotting each other amongst loose women going for cut price, into the Pride Of Spitalfields (7pm). Onto Whitechapel High Street, dodging Jack The Ripper tours, where scab trucks heading to Wapping were once attacked by strikers, into the White Hart (7:45pm) a regular for the visitors of Freedom Bookshop. Passing Itchychoo Park, the resting place of Charles 1st executioner, down Fieldgate Street and the London Action Resource Centre, a former anarchist school from the 1920’s, coincidently bought by those involved in Reclaim The Streets from the 90’s. Pass the doss house of George Orwell, Jack London and Stalin Into the Good Samaritan (8:45pm) to ponder the whereabouts of John Merrick’s bones. Enter Sidney Street ducking the Latvian anarchists bullets from the 1911 Siege, pass the former Jubilee Street Club hearing the echoes of radical Yiddish poetry recitals, ending in The George Tavern (10pm) to reminisce about the old Sutton Street Squat.”

Sound’s like alot of fun.

Free Shit Friday

Hello, hopefully this’ll become a regular feature. As the name suggests every Friday I’ll post the choicest free stuff I find online; it’s the naughties Zeitgeist! This week I read a book published byCrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective called Evasion, its a pretty good read, an autobiographical account of an unnamed chap who dropped out of fiscal society to travel, squat, and dumpster dive, all those fun sorts of things. I’d post a sample but I can’t copy and paste of the pdf. Enjoy!

Evasion book