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Woop Its feminist Wednesday on Doorstopper.

Feminism is amazing, its attempting to free people from unneccesery social obligations, obv develop equality between sexes and its incredibily interesting, both to use as a viewfinder on oneself, seeing what harmful ideas one may hold (myself included) and to evaluate media bias, evaluating publications and adverts ect. This parody below is a brilliant demonstration of gender bias with UK tv advertising and is shockingly recognisable.

Alot of people seem to say ‘oh women have the vote ect, were all equal now what more do they want?’ But there is still;
A massive paygap between men and women at 16.4% (http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/may/28/women-lose-out-on-pay) which is slowly improving.
Threats to reproductive rights with alot of the Tory cabinet voting to lower the abortion time limit in contradiction to scientific advice (definatly a slippery slope).
Eating disorders. According to MIND ‘As many as one woman in 20 will have eating habits which give cause for concern; most will be aged 14 to 25 years old.’ (Media getting involved here too)
Domestic abuse.

The above isn’t exuastive and just a geocentric UK viewpoint. Less developed countries especialy with islamic leadership (nothing like a heady mixture of authoraterian governments and authoraterian religion all mixed up) tend to fair much worse. The other thing about feminism is that it’s unavoidably linked into other struggles, race, civil liberties, sexuality and trans gender issues all tend to overlap at some points.

Those of us in the ‘punk’ subculture needed to join as a rejection of everything else, feminism is a rejectiong of bad habits and nasty ideologies, Bikini Kill showed us that the ideologies are entwinned. Also I’m a Male, it’s for everyone, play nice.

Stuff to read:
http://www.theseventeenmagazineproject.com/ Someone trying to live for a month or so following 17 magazine ‘The Ultimate Teenage Handbook”
http://www.feministing.com/ My favorite of the big feminist blogs-regular updates and lots to read.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beauty-Myth-Images-Against-Women/dp/0099861909 One of the most important books on femenism even though it’s 20 years old now its still very modern (unfortunatly)