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Shockingly I’ve managed to post it on a Friday ‘n all. Apologies I Have None are well good, I don’t know why I haven’t listened to them before, probably ’cause I’m not vegan and cool. But yeah, free EP on their myspazz, There also support for Madeline in London.


Freeshitfriday (Only 9dayslate,sorry!)

We chat enough about It, have some andrew jackosn Jihad here! (Shit trivia: no one in the band is called andrew jackson)

Folk Punk is the new black.

The last few years has seen the birth of many good folk punk acts, most of which have spawned from the breaking up of bands. For example Chuck Ragan from HWM, and of course our very own Frank Turner of Million Dead fame. However due to the nature of Folk Punk many absolutely outstanding acts have been overlooked.

I spent most of last night drinking and looking through if you make it’s website.

It is essential that you check out Austin Lucas and Paul Baribeau.
The former has collaborated a lot with Chuck Ragan, the latter i hadn’t heard of before last night.

I’d personally recommend subscribing to the Pink Couch Sessions podcast, and taking a day off work.


Take a look.

Band of the Week: Andrew Jackson Jihad.

First off. Hi, I’m Paul and I’m a new contributor to the Doorstopper. I’ll probably litter these pages with illicit drunken ramblings, and the occasional recommendation.


Possibly the angriest men ever to hold acoustic instruments, mixing riot folk with some pretty hilarious/horrific lyrics. The band consist of two guys from Arizona with a taste for slating religion at every turn and singing about killing.

As most bands we like to talk about on this page, pretty much all of there back catalog is available for free download on their website

Recommended tracks: Lady Killer, I Love You, Sense and Sensibility


In other news.

Mr Zap, some of our associates and myself are embarking on an incredible journey (or Train journey) to see Polar Bear Club, the mighty Frank Turner, and the soon to be sell out stadium rock band The Gaslight Anthem at Shepherds Bush Empire tomorrow night.

I’m sure one of us will post a half assed review here.

Over and Out.

Defiance, UK & France

‘mazin news! Defiance, Ohio are touring with Madeline Adams 12th – 29th May. There after shows atm so bug your local indie promoter or yourself to help ’em out. Bye!

Heathers Video!

Again a video off of http://www.Ifyoumakeit.com I’m jealous! Noun!


I’ve been meaning to post this band for ages, they recorded an album in spring 2008 for plan-it-x and hideaway records. There folk-punkish playing acoustics and alot better at singing at most riot folk singers out there, shit they even sing harmonies. The easiest way to piss of fans is ask if there listening to B+witched, well it works with my freinds. Aparently they’ll be touring with Ghost mice soon, that’ll be a fun show! It’s great to see some more D.I.Y. music coming out this side of the pond. Bye!