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Hey, I was planning to do start something like this in the summer but Ten Songs Podcast has already recorded episode two. It seems a good track list (since I don’t know half the bands, there L337) but I’ll need to go out and download it later cause I have an awful web connection at home. Bye!


Defiance, UK & France

‘mazin news! Defiance, Ohio are touring with Madeline Adams 12th – 29th May. There after shows atm so bug your local indie promoter or yourself to help ’em out. Bye!

Heathers Video!

Again a video off of http://www.Ifyoumakeit.com I’m jealous! Noun!


I’ve been meaning to post this band for ages, they recorded an album in spring 2008 for plan-it-x and hideaway records. There folk-punkish playing acoustics and alot better at singing at most riot folk singers out there, shit they even sing harmonies. The easiest way to piss of fans is ask if there listening to B+witched, well it works with my freinds. Aparently they’ll be touring with Ghost mice soon, that’ll be a fun show! It’s great to see some more D.I.Y. music coming out this side of the pond. Bye!