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The Angels Are Voyeurs

Hey hey! My name is Mike. On this day 23 years ago, I was born- as such, today seems the perfect day for my first post here. And just to mess with y’all, it’s gonna be another non-punk post. Sacrelicious!

Momus is a Scottish-born artist who’s been kicking around the outskirts of pop culture since before I even came into being. The music itself? Ironic pop which rips the piss out of whatever genre of music is contemporary to the time. Add in an obsession with sex and relentless self-analysis, mix with an embrace of technology and japanese mythology and you’ve got one the most interesting musicians around (at nearly 50, Momus is still frantically creating music, books and performative art).

In a feat of Jeff Rosenstock-equalling awesomeness, Momus recently released his first 6 albums for free- and given that they are getting on a bit, they’ve held up remarkably well. 1988’s “Tender Pervert” is probably his best, a coyly intellectual gay-themed album about sexual perversity released against the backdrop of an archly repressed Thatcherian Britain.

The Homosexual” is a wonderfully bitchy song that straight/bi guys who got called “gay” through high school will revel in. “A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17-24” showcases Momus’ self-deprecating wit. “Bishonen” and “The Charm of Innocence” are epic, short story-esque biographies. But there’s not a dud on here.

Download the whole album from here, read the insightful notes, then visit his blog here. You won’t regret it.

Well, that’s all I got. Peace!