Move With the Rogue Set Choking Out the Radio

While most people I know are hitting the festival circuit or lapping up the latest electro hipster fad band, most folk round these parts seem to be more stoked for the upcoming Lawrence Arms and Frank Turner (and in my case, Banner Pilot) releases. But don’t despair, there’s plenty to keep y’all going in the meantime…

American Steel’s latest album, “Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts” drops this week, and it’s well worth a listen. For the uninitiated, the band have a couple of tracks from the album up on their Myspace profile. As does the aforementioned Mr. Turner.

Also, if you haven’t checked out the new Cobra Skulls and Dear Landlord album streams on Punknews, you should rectify that. The Cobra Skulls one doesn’t seem to be the full album, but it’s still well worth a listen.

Those truly at a loss for music-related timewasting can follow the progress on the Banner Pilot album on their Twitter page, or decipher Lawrence Arms news amidst the colourful rantings on Brendan Kelly’s blog.

Oh- and Passion Pit aren’t all that bad really. Can I still have my anti-hipster punk points though?



Just… wow.

Sorry, Metro Station. You now longer hold the title of ‘worst music video ever recorded’.

New Frank Single

According to Frank Turner’s blog, his new Single “The Road” will be played on Monday 13th July, on BBC Radio One between 7pm-9pm.

Hard Rock Calling

So yesterday myself and Mike (new poster on DSB) went to see the Boss in all his glory at hyde park… and what can I say? The man’s a god. Unfortunately we missed The Gaslight Anthem, which included a duet of The ’59 Sound with the man himself, but the 3hour+ set of Springsteen really made up for anything we may have missed out on before.

Everything about Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band was spot on, you could see that everyone was having fun, both the band and the audience. I was stood with the biggest age rage I’ve ever seen at a show before. I nearly trod on a little guy who couldn’t have been older than 8 in a gaslight t-shirt.

Gaslight Anthem & Bruce Springsteen “The 59 Sound”

Grohl, Costello and the Boss strummin’

A live performance of London Calling, by Bruce Springsteen, Miami Steve, Elvis Costello and Dave Grohl.

Warren Oakes has been kicked out of Against Me!

“We told Warren this afternoon that we are going to look for a new drummer. Andrew, James and I made the decision a couple days ago over lunch. I told them that I didn’t want to play music with Warren anymore. They both agreed that this was a necessary step, it’s been a long time coming. Warren’s heart hasn’t been in this for a while now.” – Tom Gabel

What the fuck?
The devil horns are definitely becoming visible on Gabel’s head.

Dirty South Punk Rock?

Looking through a fellow blog’s review of a recent mc chris show, I was intrigued by the choice of supporting act- Florida’s genre-hopping Whole Wheat Bread.

The ‘pretentious English student’ part of me thinks that mc chris chose the band as an ironic inversion of accusations of cultural appropriation. Whatever they are, they’re definitely interesting- although i’ll be the first to admit i’m probably several years too old to be listening to them.

I’m pretty sure there’s a rule of music journalism that goes something like: “Bands that explicitly aim at genre crossover often come across as forced, whereas bands that try and merge influences and come out with something new are doing something more interesting”.

I’m not sure where these guys lie on that scale. I’m not even sure the whole thing isn’t some kind of clever postmodern joke.

The first single is of the Linkin Park variety, but the album as a whole takes itself less seriously. So- just another teen-friendly pop-punk band, or a sign of crossover potential? Any thoughts?

Oh, and no prizes for guessing the main musical influence on this one…