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Yipes+Yikes two posts in June!

Hello bearers of genetic material for future generations. Since posting about feminism, life has been super fun and I nearly attended three gigs in a week, but no-one likes driving to Guildford after a 12 hour shift in 30 degree heat. So, WeGrowBeards will have to BideTheirTime for my attendance at onAe of there shows unless Fun Alf would stop being Uncommunicative Alf and respond to my facebook message about playing Spandeau Ballet at my Burfday Partie. Anyway last weekend was the last ever Homestead party, for those not l33t in the Southampton scene it’s a super grotty ex nursing home that was a big part of the DIY southampton punk (at this point I feel asleep. The following videos are from the homestead fest, a farewell to a ‘punk house’ from Southampton)


Just… wow.

Sorry, Metro Station. You now longer hold the title of ‘worst music video ever recorded’.

Words from Edgewin

Well, there’s been a few turn ups this week.
The one that’s interested me most is the forthcoming release of “The Original Cowboy” by Against Me! on Fat Wreck, which is basically the demos from the bands second full length “The Eternal Cowboy”. I couldn’t help but ask myself “why are they doing this?” what with Tom Gabels solo record seemingly desperatly tryna win back fans who hated New Wave and the bands new direction, I can’t help but think this is another stunt. However, through my horrific elitism I can’t help but be excited about it. I never thought I’d buy a new Against Me! CD again.

Moving on.

This shit is genius.

Finally, The new NOFX record “Coaster/Frisbee” takes a few listens but it is good fun, and cheap. I can’t help but love everything this band does.


Foundation “Begging To Bleed”

Foundation – “Begging to Bleed” from on Vimeo.

Happy Monday

Since Mondays are usually poor fare I thought I’d spend Sunday night making a top 5 list. Its a top five Uke ‘Indie?’ covers on Youtube list, it’s not very definitive, if you know any better covers comment and I’ll hit that shit up.

Slinky as percussion? Rad:

Arseful of Chips, I like his voice, Looking forward to whatever horrific Jade Goody song they write next:

There’s a pretty good Madeline Adams cover by the same lady but it’s a tad slow for me:

Token metal song:

Its Brand New and the MSO but a little underwhelming, I guess they are pretty deep in their set already or something but even so, it’s like watching dad’s.

Band of the week

Black Death Allstars

Crazy bluegrass punk, they are park of the Skatopia crowd, the 88 acre anarchist stake park where anyone can skate and camp for an hours work a day and you can race cars, shoot fireworks and not wear clothes; Riot!

Check their myspace, cardboard credit card is super!


Britney Spears real singing voice. It’s pretty funny