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Yipes+Yikes two posts in June!

Hello bearers of genetic material for future generations. Since posting about feminism, life has been super fun and I nearly attended three gigs in a week, but no-one likes driving to Guildford after a 12 hour shift in 30 degree heat. So, WeGrowBeards will have to BideTheirTime for my attendance at onAe of there shows unless Fun Alf would stop being Uncommunicative Alf and respond to my facebook message about playing Spandeau Ballet at my Burfday Partie. Anyway last weekend was the last ever Homestead party, for those not l33t in the Southampton scene it’s a super grotty ex nursing home that was a big part of the DIY southampton punk (at this point I feel asleep. The following videos are from the homestead fest, a farewell to a ‘punk house’ from Southampton)


Warren Oakes has been kicked out of Against Me!

“We told Warren this afternoon that we are going to look for a new drummer. Andrew, James and I made the decision a couple days ago over lunch. I told them that I didn’t want to play music with Warren anymore. They both agreed that this was a necessary step, it’s been a long time coming. Warren’s heart hasn’t been in this for a while now.” – Tom Gabel

What the fuck?
The devil horns are definitely becoming visible on Gabel’s head.

Tilly and the Gall

Hello Internet! Todays post is Tilly and The Wall. What? That pussy indie band on team love? Truth is there probs way more punk than your band are spawnpacket, your band’s so punk and original cause you have a couple of guitars bassist and a drummer? Err Tilly and the wall have a tap dancer for percussion so a win for them, plus what’s the gender ration in your band? Oops! it’s only penis’s yeah, thought so. Suck it up and enjoy! (yeah the record sounds better but shit happens.)

Words from Edgewin

Well, there’s been a few turn ups this week.
The one that’s interested me most is the forthcoming release of “The Original Cowboy” by Against Me! on Fat Wreck, which is basically the demos from the bands second full length “The Eternal Cowboy”. I couldn’t help but ask myself “why are they doing this?” what with Tom Gabels solo record seemingly desperatly tryna win back fans who hated New Wave and the bands new direction, I can’t help but think this is another stunt. However, through my horrific elitism I can’t help but be excited about it. I never thought I’d buy a new Against Me! CD again.

Moving on.

This shit is genius.

Finally, The new NOFX record “Coaster/Frisbee” takes a few listens but it is good fun, and cheap. I can’t help but love everything this band does.


Under The Influence…

Just found a stream for the Under The Influence 7inch series.

The next release features Frank Turner and Austin Lucas, covering Bruce Springsteen and Dolly Parton.

Also features Andrew Jackson Jihad covering Neutral Milk Hotel, and Bomb The Music Industry! covering Pavement.


A long weekend spent.

After an extremely entertaining weekend spent with Zap I’m still waiting on a full nights sleep and still trying to find the back of his phone, putting off tidying my room and trying to get the mud off my shoes. However irrelevant that is.

As always I have some music to forcefully recommend to you. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a record that has really made me feel refreshed. Don’t get me wrong, there has already been at least one amazing album this year and we’re only in march. Am I rambling? Good. I stumbled upon Attica! Attica! on The Pink Couch Sessions.  Then musical autism kicked in. After a bit of research I found the bands he was in previously. De La Hoya and Marathon. Both of which play awesome melodic punk rock, like Bad Religion but less boring. Put your pitchforks away Bad Religion fans, you know as well as I do that Bad Religion aren’t THAT good anymore.

I’d also recommend going to the If You Make it website, clicking on albums and downloading everything. Don’t forget to donate though.

Right, time for a cup of tea and a smoke.

Boxing Clever

Farse are back, and playing a few shows! First is the Brum Barfly on May 25th.

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