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Free Shit Fri(satur)day

Hello, I discovered ‘We are the Union’ this week from my freind Ben. Have a free album from there purevolume (Myspace link). ‘I’m like John Cusack’ is a pretty super track, so enjoy!


Dillinger 4 Civilwar

I’v found a legal stream for those who don’t care to steal.
Stream from Punknews

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

I bought ‘Front Seat Solidarity’ on vinyl the other day amongst a few other bits and pieces, it’s actually a really good album, much better than I thought it’d be: Plus swirrly vinyls worth double. Its got some smart lyrics, I particularly like “If I had a dollar for everday I’d said it’s gonna be a brand new day, well I’d have a hundred dollars” Fierce!

Live show
And a funny story