P.S. Eliot

I gave P.S. Eliot’s debut Bike Wreck Demo a fair few spins when it came out early last year- a fun, shambolic record that eventually fell apart into playful acapella nonsense. It was always gonna be interesting to see what a full-length sounded like- and with the band’s (relatively) recent Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds, my expectations of quirky quick-fire eloquence have been amply fulfilled.

Losing a lot of the appealingly chaotic lo-fi silliness towards a slightly more polished, accessible sound (think mid-career Pavement), the record is nonetheless a pretty awesome collection of songs. Don’t let the pop-punk label put you off- P.S. Eliot are perhaps most reminiscent of Lemuria, keeping the melodic memorability but with (to me) more lyrical strength. For a less referential summary, think intelligent fuzzy girl rock that works an understated, playful charm. A lot of the songs from the Demo EP crop up in more polished form here, including the fantastic Troubled Medium, an anthemically scuzzy slice of yelpy goodness that closes the album. Clocking in at just over half an hour, Introverted Romance… is a quick listen that rewards repeat listening.

Won’t keep y’all too long- just wanted to give a shout out for a band that need more love. Check out the band’s Myspace for some tunes, or their blog for sporadic horses-mouth type jazz.

Happy New Year 2010. In the words of the Steinways, “fuck, I feel old”.

– Mike


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