Kids Can’t Fly – Strength In Numbers (EP)

First off, this record shows how far the band has come in the last year or so. Various line-up changes and only 2 “original” members, it’s nice to see that what seemed to be such an unstable band seem to finding their feet. Kids Can’t Fly are the closest thing the Southampton scene has to a super group. Taking members from bands that had a lot of local fame a few years ago. Primary co-lead singers Robin & Ryan were in Speaking of Losers and Zero Consent respectively. I must admit I never thought I’d be writing a review for this record, further more I never expected to like or enjoy the record. With that premise I’ll start the review.

The record starts off with the infectious She Called Shotgun, which can only be described as 3 and half minutes of pure unadulterated pop punk. The thing that makes it slightly more interesting is the addition of some really well thought out horns. That brings us swiftly onto my favourite track on the CD. I’ve known the song “Tune In” since before Robin joined KCF as it started off as a poppy solo song that Robin wrote and played to me about 18 months ago. Comparing the full band version and the stripped down version I heard long ago proves to me that this band really know what they’re doing when it comes to making songs work however you play them. The Summer seems like a possible crowd pleaser in the making, the duel vocals really work. When I was told the EP would feature 2 bonus acoustic tracks I instantly thought “how the hell are you gonna make that work?” I was proved wrong. Writing Letters is one of the best songs from the bands back catalogue and surprisingly enough it sounds fantastic stripped down. All in all this record is very good.

The only thing I can fault about this record is the fact it seems, to me, to be lacking passion. Every note seems too planned and thought out, not a single mistake is made. It doesn’t sound like these guys are having fun while making this record, it sounds like they are producing a product for a target audience they already know. They aren’t taking any risks or doing anything particularly exciting so if things keep going the way they are my best friend with live out his childhood dream and these guys will be massive. See them live, they’ll blow your tits off.



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