We Are A Union

Hello Internerds,

Due to my recently imposed status as a man of pleasure i’ve been able to catch up on what I was missing from Uni; hours vacuously staring at a monitor. Yesterdays choice was ‘Roger and Me’ Michael Moores first documentary (Available on google video if you look right, not that i would P-) ), about his home town Flint, MI. The films narrative is based around GM shutting down its factories in flint and moving them to Mexico for the cheap labour, It was an interesting examination of wether companies have any obligation to a population or geographical region. If you work somewhere you do develop a sense of ownership about a place, it obviously doesn’t have a legal standing but one wonders whether there is more to a companies responsibilities than just payment for labour. Commoning rights or an equivalent are never granted anymore, and perhaps that was a good solution especially with the distribution of wealth being so so so bizarre (you seen that rage against the machine video).

Always nice to be stimulated, Zap.


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