My Bad…

As one of our readers kindly pointed out, King Blues aren’t actually on SONY records. They on Island Records, which is owned by Universal. Either way, it sucks that such a promising band who preached an extremist message about anti-capitalism is now on the same record label as Bon Jovi, Fall Out Boy and The Killers.

Doesn’t make a huge amount of difference really.



2 responses to “My Bad…

  1. what’s the point in them having a message that noone gets to hear? well now that message is getting out to people who aren’t already converted. So The King Blues have their song on Hollyoaks, ok it might not be seen as ‘super cool’ but they still managed to get an anti war message out on prime time channel 4 to an audience that chooses to watch hollyoaks. what did you do that day? more power to them. these ideas are bigger than being cliquey and shouldn’t be reserved for the select few, power to the people, including hollyoaks viewers! 🙂


    Crass released an anti-marriage song as a free vinyl with a girls magazine, you don’t need to be on a major to have an impact.

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