The King Soaps

The King Blues, the “punkest” band on Sony records featured on tonight’s episode of hollyoaks. The band’s new single “Save the world, Get the girl” was played at the beginning and end of the episode.

What next? NOFX’s Kill All The White Men replacing the Eastender Theme.


3 responses to “The King Soaps

  1. The King Blues aren’t on Sony..

    I understand that they turned down Eastenders as there’s a new series of Ready Steady Cook being filmed. Ainsley’s a big fan..

  2. I’d love if NOFX’ Kill all the white men was replacing the Eastenders theme. Would make it more interesting!

  3. go King Blues, inflitrating the mainstream with lyrics like “going to war to
    prevent war was the most stupid thing I ever heard” can only be a good thing

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