Music your Dad would listen to.

So the story goes… I was in HMV on Saturday and ended up buying the new Bruce Springsteen album, purely and simply on the good words of a stranger. A few hours later on the train back from town the conductor asked for my ticket, but was distracted by the fact I had the new Springsteen CD, talked to me for about 5 minutes and then went on to check other peoples tickets totally forgetting to check mine, which was lucky, as i hadn’t got a ticket anyway. So I figured I’d recommend a few artists that you may not approach.

First off, if you’ve never listened to Bob Dylan, sort your life out. Check out Like A Rolling Stone, and Mr. Tambourine Man.

That’ll lead nicely into Loudon Wainwright III, father of the now-more-famous Martha and Rufus… both of which aren’t really that good. Check out A Father and A Son.

You’ve all heard at least one Leonard Cohen song, probably being destroyed by some made up fake ass piece of shit puppet. I’m obviously referring to Hallelujah, but check out Chelsea Hotel Part 2 aswell.

Finally, an easy one… If you like Gaslight Anthem, it would be physically impossible for you not to love Bruce Springsteen… and I know what songs popped into your head. There are many better songs that Born In The USA. Check out Jungleland and Born To Run.

Right, time for a shower.


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