Apologies for another video, I haven’t seen the film but it’s strange, 90’s punk being the subject of academic discourse. I guess the films going to be America-centric but since its made in America and Snuff were the only UK punk band that did anything there it seems fair. It’d be nice to see a UK version covering the whole P-TV range of bands like Spunge and Jesse James and the Household Name bands (I know I used two ands in a row, I thought i’d go for the classical arabic phrasing). It’d be interesting to see when they call a stop to the 3rd(?) wave punk scene, after Blink split? The evaluation of the corporate side of 90’s punk could be pretty interesting if they decide to delve into that area, it’s well known Blink were a band groomed by labels to make money, the band admit that, if Blink are going to be used as the epitome of that movement I’d like to see what identity they ascribe to 90’s ‘punk’.


One response to “Weird?

  1. Hahaha, well what American Harcore (film) did for 80s US punk, will inevitably happen to their 90s counterparts.

    Expect a group of well-groomed Ivy League academics discussing how New Found Gloy’s ‘Dressed to Kill’ was the backdrop to suburban sexuality, and how EpiFat skate-punk heralded in an era of label-conscious uber-consumers who could barely differentiate their Bad Brains from their Bad Religion.

    Meh. Punk is dead, etc.

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