Today I found two fun things to post,

First is Arse Full of Chips it isn’t good but it is fucking funny; Sort of like Atom and his Package but made by cider punks or something. Lots of parodies, and rather course.

Second is Flood and drought blog The first paragraph of the cambridge BTMI show review is ‘Since I saw Bomb The Music Industry! A few things have changed in my life. I bought some cd’s after the show, burst into the house at 2am, put the cd’s on and never slept again. Now I just drink and ring my friends at 3am laughing. I literally just wander around the kitchen drunk and shout at stuff. I rang my ex-boss and told him he’s a fucking dickpurse for firing me, I called my ex-girlfriend and held the phone to the speaker while I laughed like a maniac, yanking my flaccid cock and eating wotsits. I tore up all my job application forms and fucked up the toilet trying to throw them down it on fire, I pissed myself and broke my tv and I poured beer in my guitar, y’know, to get it drunk.’


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