I was looking at Mike Scott’s(from Phinius Gage) myspazz with his peta banners and remembered all those PETA fliers handed out at goldfinger shows. I always wondered if a person cared so passionately about animal rights how could they be so fucking ignorant? Peta employees have been prosecuted for felonies for cruelty to animals and after Peta receive 30 million dollars a year PETA kill 84% of the animals they are ‘sheltering’. They are nasty people!

In addition to killing healthy animals; trying to target children via there schooling with essentialy political propaganda is weak, but not as weak as this:

Full comic
This kind of shit shouldn’t be supported by the punk scene, especialy considering the damage vegan and vegeterian diets can cause to children, like giving a 12 y.o. rickets and the spine of an 80 year old. PETA’s misdemeanors have been well documented yet Fat Wreck put out a benefit Comp for PETA, I know that CD is old news but there are still musicians supporting this shit and it isn’t something I want in my scene. There are certainly some plus points to a veg diet and its a shame to see dodgy people like PETA tacking advantage of peoples goodwill, I don’t really understand why so many bands have gone in for this shit like Alk Trio and Anti-Flag, are they turning a blind eye for the publicity or what? But yeah, Fuck PETA!

(As an aside Mike Scotts blog is worth a read here its only just started but it’s web 2.0 allowing a new sort of connection between people. It’s good to hear his experience from the other side of the monitors.)


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