Band of the Week: Andrew Jackson Jihad.

First off. Hi, I’m Paul and I’m a new contributor to the Doorstopper. I’ll probably litter these pages with illicit drunken ramblings, and the occasional recommendation.


Possibly the angriest men ever to hold acoustic instruments, mixing riot folk with some pretty hilarious/horrific lyrics. The band consist of two guys from Arizona with a taste for slating religion at every turn and singing about killing.

As most bands we like to talk about on this page, pretty much all of there back catalog is available for free download on their website

Recommended tracks: Lady Killer, I Love You, Sense and Sensibility


In other news.

Mr Zap, some of our associates and myself are embarking on an incredible journey (or Train journey) to see Polar Bear Club, the mighty Frank Turner, and the soon to be sell out stadium rock band The Gaslight Anthem at Shepherds Bush Empire tomorrow night.

I’m sure one of us will post a half assed review here.

Over and Out.


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