The King Blues, Slightly bigger cunts than first though.

I was having a bev at the SU, and for those that don’t know most SU’s have televisions connected to ‘SubTV’; according to whom they have 32% of 18-24 yo’s watching. There’s about half an hours worth of music videos that loop throughout the day interspeed with more adverts, when guess whose video appeared. Can you smell the Payola?

Ha! After signing to an ‘independent’ label (who are an imprint of Island, who are owned by Universal Music Group with a 32% market share who are owned by NBC) they are now using rather dodgy marketing tactic’s. A little rich if your singing ‘”Now we see you’re not afraid to cheat and lie,
Sexing up the propaganda on you’re alibi.” and boast at shows about never having spent a day in employment ever, but I suppose they can afford to be hypocrites now they’ve taken there piece’s of silver.



3 responses to “The King Blues, Slightly bigger cunts than first though.

  1. im glad im not the only one thinking exactly the same thing

  2. Phillistine with a capital P.

  3. who are you to say that what they’re doing is hypocritical…because i’m so sure that you’re holier than thou in your everyday life. these guys are doing what they love…and growing bigger everyday….while educating youth…all with a smile on their faces. can both of you say that you’re truly that happy and say that you’ve done something? that you’re going to be remembered like them? probably not.

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