Laura Stevenson mkii

A review stolen from Jezebel musicI doubt there are many other songwriters in NYC as abundantly skilled as Laura Stevenson (pictured). ”
On top of a distinctive, powerful voice and A-game songwriting, Stevenson has some of the best lyrics in town, writing about love and life and death with profound vision. If you were in attendance for her solo performance of Nervous Rex and weren’t moved, I feel sorry for you. But the most exciting aspect of Stevenson’s performance at Resonance was her band. This is not to say that the band stole the show (skilled as they were), but that this accompaniment of tastefully arranged bass, percussion, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and electric mandolin (with Stevenson on steel-string) made the already remarkable songs even better. A backing band can often diminish the appeal of a singer-songwriter’s intimate, minimalist performance, but Stevenson’s outfit took her craft to an even more promising level.”
This blog is so fresh, that links only been around since April……

And The if you make it video. I well want to be on a pink couch video one day, shame I’m a thousand or so miles away and don’t have a set!


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