Southampton Academies going up the shitter

The Oasis trust, a christian political organisation have taken over the running of the four state secondaries and turned them in to two academies in my home town of Southampton via a seemingly dodgy bidding process. Now nearly every child in Southampton is forced to have a religious education, even though there are already to religious schools in the city (St Annes & St George’s). Needless to say its all gone tits up. One of the schools is being run by an evangelical Minister and in an inevitable authoritarian sequence both parent and the students are being ignored “They asked for a student council. As far as I am aware all schools have these but Oasis refused to let the pupils have one. They are not allowing any parent governors.” The Echo Students have been rioting at one of the schools and it looks like teachers are balloting for striek action, Great stuff when your sitting your mocks in a month or so’s time.

Here is a charming story being run by the TES. Its got some choice quotes like “Ron Clooney, the NASUWT representative, said: “The school is a disaster. Parents, pupils and staff are unhappy with the way it’s being run. The spirit and caring ethos of the school has had a kick in the guts. Its heart has been torn out. Considering its being run by a Christian organisation, it beggars belief the way they are dealing with the teachers and the kids.”

The academy system is so clearly shit if its allowing this to happen to children’s educations, its not like they get a bloody second one. Oasis schools were unwanted by locals and weren’t the best providers of education. The NSS has a nice story (although relying on the TES alot!)
The National Secular Society


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