Blog roundup

I find it really hard to find blogs I like. None of the major blogging sites have a good search system so today I thought I’d share some of the blogs I read.
Zentastic Is super, Its written by Shannon Larratt who used to co-own BME amongst other things such as;
“the designer of the first Internet Casino (featured in WIRED, etc), the technical creator of the VoiceBBS software, a revolutionary and influential telephony system, and co-creator of the concept. If you’re very old, you may also know my work with SciFAX, a compute-fax interface that predates the popularity faxboards and could be argued to be their precursor. Early on in my programming career I also wrote the first published VGA video game, as well as creating one of the few trojans capable of destroying computer hardware (by creating a feedback loop in sound cards).” What a bio! It’s a good blog but I feel a little odd sometimes since it’s so personal at times, mentioning family and such, I guess thats why blogs are so interesting though. New Media Ho!
Mitch Clems Blog is rad, it’s great to see the inside of someones professional life who is keeping things DIY. I guess I find it inspiring to think there is an alternative, that and ‘Nothing Nice To Say’ pushes all my buttons.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road is good, I’m not alone in that opinion since it won ‘Best New Blog at the Manchester Blog Awards’. Its an odd mix of posts though.
Quadrireme Is new to me, but it seems pretty good.
Most of the blogs I read are by people atleast a decade older than me, I guess this can be a practice blog till I (if ever) become culturally relevant. A little weirdly most of the bloggers have kids… I hope thats just there age group rather than me!


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